About VlabNetwork

We at Vlabnetwork aim at winning the ecosystem of creative action in Western Africa for students, companies and universities across the globe. VLABNetwork connects the talented and motivated people from multidisciplinary backgrounds into teams to making a protoypes/ demos within a short period (avg. ~ 4 months). .

Among VlabNetwork target areas includes

  • Rapid prototyping of new services and products
  • Out from knowledge silos towards new combinations of knowledge
  • Entrepreneurial culture and commercialization of innovations
  • Open interaction and collaboration
  • Community power with win-win-win relationships
  • Continuous co-operation with the leading innovators of the world


The VLAB network is a consolidation of labs and is strongly supported by partner labs in Europe. Giving a unique PLATFORM to connect talented students, mentors, facilitators from institutions and projects from companies and organizations in both Europe and West Africa to form both physical and virtual teams. With VLAB things get DONE !! Not just an idea BANK.

Vlabnetwork connects students around the world to the latest in mobile technology solutions, providing focused consulting for everything from business agility to customer loyalty. Vlabnetwork believe there is a direct connection between student’s creativity and innovations diversity and its success. Meeting the needs requires crucial motivation among young innovators and creative minds to pursue careers in the technology sector – so as to continue to be represented at all levels within companies, institutions frontiers to bring in them their passion of addressing the global issues.

Making sure they becomes leaders themselves, Vlabnetwork will create the serene environment for the selected students having accomplished the prerequisites for this challenge by provision of ultramodern and most efficient Technology Laboratories in respective institutions, coaching and supervising, financial support and a START-UP funding for their innovations.

Vlabnetwork has proudly championed that very mission over the years, and this season’s "Innovation and Creative Challenge" will put a specific spotlight on rewarding Winning teams and technology solutions. As companies begin to redesign work processes to incorporate consumer technologies into the workplace, it becomes even easier for them to encourage diversity in the workplace. Technology is catalyzing an increasingly greater capacity to offer flexible working initiatives, which helps both young and old achieve greater balance in their personal and professional lives. Staff diversity driving higher profits, customer acquisition, and "the ability to make employees happier and enable them to have a greater emphasis on creativity and greater problem-solving capability."

What the Network Provides All for You.

Co-creation and real world experience with leading companies, start-ups and public organisations Inspiring atmosphere, community and co-working space and network An opportunity to get credit points and rewards world

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The Process

Vlabnetwork provide remote-access to Labs in various disciplines of Science and Engineering. These Virtual Labs would cater to students at the undergraduate level, post graduate level as well as to research scholars.

Open Application: Vlabnetwork holds every quarter for 10 start-ups; interested applicants can apply by completing this form .

Our Team A committee from Nokia will review all applications and shortlist according to the qualifying criteria . Applicants will be notified if shortlisted. Where not shortlisted, applicants can re-apply for the next stream in the next quarter.

VLabnetwork blends together both classic models as well as some of the latest advances proposed in the financial econometrics literature. The aim of the website is to provide real time evidence on market dynamics for researchers, regulators, and practitioners

What will you do at the Vlab?


Do you think of yourself as an entrepreneur or innovator? Do you have a passion for identifying problems and solutions? Ever wished you could start your own business? This is what vlabnetwork in collaboration with its partners provide.

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The vlabNetwork has been hard at work assembling resources to help student teams go from idea to successful new venture. Many of these are still in the works and this year in focus, so stay tuned.

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You have an idea. You have a team. You even have an initial product. VlabNetwork will help you grow your business to the next level.
Coaching, Mentoring & Funding.

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We've been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and offers to help from community members of all kinds. We are in the process of creating a variety of resources and tools to ensure we make best use of all of this help.

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A winning ecosystem of creative
action in Western Africa
for students, companies and
universities across the globe. .


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